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Learn statistics using R


R markdown files for biostatistics

The R language for statistical computing is one of the most used computer languages used in statistics. In fact, it is a computer language designed specifically for statistical analysis. Today, it can do much, much more.

Click HERE to view many R markdown files covering many statistical topics. From basic concepts to machine learning and neural networks.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to learn. You can watch these videos at your own pace and view them as often as you need. The tutorials include a substantial lecture, introducing biostatistics using the R language. There are also video lectures on data visualisation. There are even lectures on less often used, but very important statistical tests such as the Hotelling’s test and G tests. Check back often for new lectures.

Learn Biostatistics using R in 90 minutes

The fundamentals of R for healthcare statistics

Special statistical tests in R

Hotelling’s T-squared test
Learn about tests for categorical data type
Learn about G tests for categorical data types
Learn about the binomial exact goodness of fit test

Plotting in R using the PLOTLY library

Learn how to visualise categorical data using a frequency chart type
Learn how to visualise continuous numerical data using a frequency chart type
Control the colours of a histogram
Control plot colours in Plotly using R Colorbrewer


Learn how to extract SARS CoV2 data from the Johns Hopkins University data repository
Learn about relative risk and efficacy in vaccine trials

World Bank Data

Import and use data from the World Bank data repository